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Badalpur site


This site is located on the Link Julian road of Haripur; it is closely located to Jinian Wali Dheri in Tofikian Union Council.

Area: 2.9 Acres 22 Kanal 8 Marlas.


Ownership: State Land.


Khasra No. 70-71 & 82.


Notification No: No 2284-G/11/34, dated 4th February 1930.



This is a large size site consisting of a stupa and with adjacent monastery. This site was excavated by Sir John Marshall. Here stupa is located to the west with its total height of 25ft while monastery is almost 8ft high from ground level. Here after the long conducted excavation few portions have exposed while a large area of the site is still dumped and unexposed. Here structures have built in diaper masonry. Here wall thickness was observed 1m wide. Moreover, this imposing site is badly damaged by the treasure hunters. Whereas, it is free of any kind of encroachment. On the basis of its architectural style this site is dated from 3rd to 5th century A D.

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