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Asoka Rock Edict Shehbaz Garhi, Swabi Main Road


This site is located on main Mardan Swabi road on a top of a small hill at Shehbazgarhi. It is about 14 km northeast of Mardan City. Total area of the site is 8 Acres. This site is consisting of two boulders inscribed with Kharoshti inscriptions.

Historical Background:There are two rock edicts carved with fourteen edicts of Mauryan King Asoka of 3rd century BC (Ali I 2003: 287). The large rock is 24 feet long and 10 feet in hight with general thickness of 10 feet (Rehman I & Naeem M 1969: 3). These are carved with Kharoshti inscriptions. For the first time it was reported by M Court in 1836 (Jaffar S M 1946: 134). Later on it was translated into English during British period.


From the inscription of these edicts it is clear that King of this country ordered to carve and no one should kill or sacrifice any animal and after this order everyone should take care about it. Trees have planted along with roads for the benefits of subjects along with it wells have been dug for the welfare of subjects (Jaffar S M 1946: 135-152).

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