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Piplan site, piplan


This site is located on the same road almost 1km away from Julian site to eastern direction. 

Pippala is in between Mohhra Moradu and Julian, about 400 yards south of the road(Marshall 1945:  335).

Area: 6 Kanal 3 Marlas

Ownership: State Land.


Notification No: 2284-G/II/34 dated 4-2—1930.


This is another Buddhist site located in the same area. The whole site is measured 6 Kanal and 3 Marlas. This site is free of encroachment. Here the upper court is to some extant protected. It is consisting of many ruined rooms structures while in the southwest part a small size stupa is preserved. This stupa is further provided with a shed to protect from harsh weather. Here diaper masonry has applied in these ruined structures. The lower part is completely demolished and only foundations of a monastery and many large and small size stupas are visible. This site can be dated from 1st century A D till 5th century A D.

Archaeological remains:

The remains are of two periods.

Early Monastery:

To the east is monastery belongs to late Parthian or early Kushan times. In the middle of courtyard is basement of square Stupa is found facing to north and on its sides there are four other Stupas. This early Monastery is in diaper masonry and fallen near 4th -5th centuries of our era(Marshall 1945:  366).

Later Monastery:

It is built in heavy semi-ashlars masonry, comprises of a court cell, assembly hall, kitchen and Stupa to the east(Marshall 1945:  366).

Court of cells:

                        The court of cell was of two stories, having cells for monks on its four sides.


This Stupa is found in cell, about 8 feet high and rises in three dimension tiers.

Outside the monastery is another stupa k constructed in diaper masonry in same style as early monastery. The low reliefs on base of the Stupa are preserved on east and south sides.(Marshall 1945:  366)


From this site twenty six copper coins, pottery and beads were excavated.(Marshall 1945:  367)

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