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Zaro Dheri, Karakoram


Zarodheri stupa site is located in Daryal on main Karkuram highway about 8km from Hazara University Mansehra.


Ownership: Private.

Notification No: NWFP. Gazette Notification No. 10598, 19-11-1923.


Zaro Dheri is an important Buddhist site located about 3km from Shinkyari town on main Mansehra Buttgram road. This site was excavated by the Japanese Archaeological mission and recovered a large number of Buddhist sculptures now lying in the Directorate of Archaeology and museums Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar. According to the revenue record the whole site is consisting on 26 Kanal. Presently the stupa remains are standing in the centre about 20ft high from the surrounding site. Here ashlar masonry wall fragments are visible in the stupa structure. The other exposed structures located in the east of the stupa are built in diaper masonry. This site is dated to 4th and 5th century A D.

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