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Bhamala stupa site, Khanpur


This site is located on main Haripur Taxila road can be accessed through a small road at Khanpur. It is about 7km from the main road.

Area: 29 Kanal 3 Marlas.

Ownership: State Land.

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Bhamala is one of the important Buddhist sites of the area located on a natural mound close to Khanpur dam. This site is consisting of a marvelous stupa and a monastery. The construction technique is diaper masonry. This stupa was excavated and the reported antiquities were shifted to Taxila museum. To this stupa steps have adorned from all four sides. Still the mouldings and phase of transitions of the stupa having original stucco plaster. The present height of the stupa is 5m. There are foundations of votive stupas in this complex. Furthermore, the monastery along this stupa is located to the east. It is consisting of many rooms are different in shape are built in the same diaper masonry style.

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