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Crossing different academic disciplines and parts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, our research provides new information and perspectives on the collection and the ancient and modern cultures it represents.

The Directorate of Archaeology & Museum actively promotes research to support, directly or indirectly, the future care, display or other uses of objects in the Museum's collection, and in other collections, and to help people learn, understand and be inspired by human history through objects.

We are looking for collaborative doctoral research projects that will investigate

  • The 'lives' of objects from their making, use, reception, loss, collection and later use and understanding.
  • What objects can reveal about the social, cultural, religious, creative and political history of their makers, users, owners, depositors and collectors.
  • How objects can be best cared for in order to ensure their preservation for future generations of researchers and the general public.
  • How objects and their histories can most effectively be presented, exhibited and explored through different media and forms of public and learning programmes.

Field work: Training for archaeology students, staff commences at heritage site

A training and capacity building programme for students and the field staff of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Directorate of Archaeology and Museums has started at Bhamala in Khanpur. The programme will train budding archaeologists and staff members in latest techniques and methods of excavation.

The Bhamala Stupa, also known as Bhamala Buddhist Complex, is a national heritage site near Haripur. The ruins of Bhamala Stupa date back to 4CE and are situated near Khanpur Dam. It is a cross-shaped stupa, resembling an Aztec pyramid.

The four-month-long programme in which more than 50 staff members, mostly archaeologists, conservators, draftsmen, conservation assistants, photographers  and students of archaeology from various educational institutions will participate.

If you are interested in discussing an idea for a proposal, or to explore what ideas they may have please contact.