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The Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been functioning at the Provincial level since 1st July,1992 for the protection and preservation of Cultural Heritage of the province and after the devolution of Department of Archaeology and Museums Govt. of Pakistan (Federal Archaeology Department) on 30th June 2011 the staff and 91 archaeological sites and Swat Museum, Saidue have been transferred to the Provincial Directorate. The Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was established for the following basic objectives:

(i) Exploration of Archaeological sites.
(ii) Excavation of Archaeological sites.
(iii) Establishment of new museums in the Province & maintenance of existing Museums.
(iv) Conservation of Historic monuments.
Subordinate Institutions:
The following are the subordinate institutions of the Directorate.
i. Peshawar Museum, Peshawar.
ii. Dir Museum, Chakdara.
iii. Swat Museum, Saidu Sharifiv. Mardan Museum, Mardan.
v. City Museum, Gor Khuttree.
vi. Chitral Museum, Chitral.
vii. Pushkalavati Museum Charsadda.
viii. Hund Museum, Swabi
ix. Bannu Museum Bannux. Sethi House (Peshawar).
xi. Bumburate Museum, Chitral.


Our Mission
(i) Exploration of Archaeological sites.
(ii) Excavation of Archaeological sites.
(iii) Establishment of new museums in the Province & maintenance of existing Museums
(iv) Conservation of Historic monuments
(v)The Directorate is also engaged in arousing awareness among the general masses to realize the status and importance of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the country. Dissemination of relevant knowledge has greatly helped in promoting this awareness resulting in preservation of archaeological sites and monuments. Now the people are showing keen interest in reconstructing cultural heritage and ancient history of our homeland.
(vi) Our mission is also to strengthen political relations with the neighbouring countries by interacting with themin the domain of research. We are making progress in signing research projects with the top class Universities and Museums world over to delve deeper the roots and developmental march of civilizations that flourished on this soil. We are also aiming at sharing information pertaining to our subject with the international experts through holding seminars and conferences that are attended by a large number of renowned scholars and intellectual from different countries of the world. This is our mission to generate leadership qualities among the students and scholars of the Department to vie with their counterparts in other disciplines specially designed for the purpose.
(vii)The Directorate plays an instrumental role in promoting cultural tourism thereby accumulating foreign exchange to the government treasury. The protected monuments all over the country are frequently visited by tourists that also form a constant source of our income.


Our Aim:

Archaeology is the study of cultural material remains by ancient people. Thus the maintenance aim of Archaeology is the reconstructed of the past of human race through systematic approach today many archaeologist are involved with the definition of theoretical system for the approach to interpretation.

In theory all archaeological study is aimed toward an explanation a conceptual basis for the reconstruction of the past.

  • To conduct investigation, excavation, explanation, publications, recording, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage in the area in particular and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in general.
  • To convey quality education in the field of Archaeology through multidisciplinary and thematic approach.
  • To provide skilled professionals to different institutions conducting teaching and research in the field of Archaeology and Museology.
  • To promote the management of cultural heritage and preservation of cultural assets.
  • To play a vital role in furthering the understanding of Archaeological and historical past of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.